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Round Cornered Tapered Cabinet with Stand
This cabinet inherited the elegance and beauty of the classical A-form cabinet of the Ming Dynasty. The cabinet consists of two sections. The top is a round-cornered tapered cabinet with a protruding top frame. There is a central stile between the two door panels. Each door is hinged to the body frame with a pivotal dowel and can be easily detachable. The legs of the cabinet are further strengthened with a humpback stretchers and struts. The cabinet rests on top of a stand with horsehoof style legs. The stand has two drawers. Most of the cabinets which were made for storage of books and paintings are normally elevated with a stand so that the effects of moisture from the floor hitting directly the legs of the cabinet will be minimized.
Period : 19th century, Qing Dynasty (1644-1911 A.D.)
Material / Type : Jumu
Origin : Jiangsu Province
Status : Sold